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Our Services

1. Advance Air Purification Solutions (decompose furniture smell, formaldehyde, voc, etc)

2. Sterilization solutions (Anti-mould, anti-fungus coating)

3. Deodorization Solutions (Toilet, Washroom, Restroom bad odor, bad smell,etc)

4. Glass /Solar Panel coating for self cleaning

5. Sales & Rental of Air Purifier System

6. IEQ/IAQ consultant

What is the benefit of iCoat treatment?

Formaldehyde and its effect on human health

Formaldehyde is the probable human carcinogen. Symptoms of formaldehyde exposure include burning sensation, coughing, wheezing, laryngitis, shortness of breath, headache, nausea and vomiting.The formaldehyde in indoor air is mainly emitted from indoor furniture and paints. Due to the hot and humid climate, excessive interior decoration and the lack of appropriate regulation, sometimes the cancer risk caused by formaldehyde is 100 to 1,000 times greater than the acceptable level (10-6) in many office building and residential houses. Applying iCoat coating on the surface of your furniture and walls is considered as the pro-active method that goes to the source for treatment. Formaldehyde will then be decompose to the harmless material of H2O and CO2. It also has the added benefit of effectively eliminating bacteria and decomposes odor molecules cause by tobacco and pets.


Who need this treatment?

a) To those who have just renovate their home Moving into a newly renovated home?
Did you realized that indoor air quality for most houses with renovation activity are polluted with many kinds of pollutants? We recommend a iCoat treatment on your furniture, wall and ceiling, before you move in. This helps to refresh your home to become a comfortable and healthier spaces, and preventing sick house syndrome.

b) To those who worry about Sick House Syndrome Are you suffering from Sick House Syndrome? Sick Building Syndrome refers to a number of ailments that occur as a result of spending long periods of time in well seal, poor ventilated building that contain harmful chemical toxins (formaldehyde, cigarette smoke, VOCs, etc).

How it works?

iCoat uses titanium dioxide to create a photocatalytic oxidation reactions that decompose 99.9% of all organics bacteria, VOCs (Formaldehyde, benzene, etc).

a.How does iCoat treatment compare to traditional air purification system? compare b. Our coating are fully imported from Japan. It’s a products of PIAJ member, to which the quality is guarantee.
c. The products are certified by many institution from Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia.
i. Comprehensive
Can decompose Formaldehyde, Benzene, TVOC and other organic pollutants. It has high efficiency and wide disinfectant performance.
Non-photocatalyst coating
ii. Long duration
It doesn’t consume itself during reaction. It works continuously and last long.
iii. Safety
Non-toxic, harmless, safe and reliable for human. The final output of reaction is Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O).
iv. High efficiency
Our coating is effective even in rooms without lights, and it maintain the sterilization and deodorization properties in dark area.