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Solar Panel Coat

Solar Panel Coat is a new protective coating designed specifically for solar panels. This clear coat is Anti-Static, Anti-Reflective, Anti-Fogging, and Self-Cleaning! Solar Panel Coat greatly reduces maintenance cost and time, prolongs the life of the panels, and optimizes power intake. Solar Panel Coat has been tested in a variety of climates throughout the world, from the arid deserts of Dubai to the humid islands of Japan.

Solar Panel Coat is a life extending, protection coating made for photovoltaic solar cells. This invisible coating bonds to the
surface of the panels providing a antistatic, anti reflection, "self cleaning" hydrophilic layer. The layer keeps panels from accumulating organic build up from the elements and air allowing for continuous maximum photon reception. These treated panels will on average produce 5.5% more power and have a longer life then those untreated. Saving you time and money in maintenance, downtime, and replacement.