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1. Photocatalyst - RENECAT

Renecat 18L

Provides 30 times* the germ elimination and deodorizing performance on its own under any light!


* Renecat�s virus inactivation performance has been verified with the avian influenza virus (H9N2 subtype).
* Renecat removes the smells of onions, rotten fish, cigarette smoke, and other unpleasant odors from daily activities.
* Renecat decomposes indoor air pollutants and gases from building materials, furniture, and fixtures.
* Renecat is safe, harmless to people, and meets the evaluation criteria of independent safety standards.

Renecat can be used on living room walls,on sofas, in cards,on coats, and in many other living space. Renecat effects will continue as long as Renecat remains ( if you spray on your clothes, it effect will continue for around 20-30 washings)

Recommended Applications:

* A quick spray on outerwear with sweat with noticeable odors
* Cars (cloth covers, ceiling etc.)
* Living rooms (walls, curtains, sofas and carpets,etc.)
* Around kitchens and entrance ways (mats, etc.)
* Shoe and sports goods
* Deodorize toilets, etc.
* Pet goods with odors
Renecat 18L Price USD1,200 now OFFER USD920

2. Non-Photocatalyst - ECOKIMERA S SERIES concentrate type 1L USD2,780

ECOKIMERA S series concentrate (30times)
Functions : Anti-bacterial, deodorant without sunlight, ray radiation. It can apply at dark place and can last for few years. One liter can dilute with RO water becomes 30Liters.
Normal Price $150/L, NOW $92/L

3. Glass Super Hydrophilic Cleaner - Dosinsui

The quantity of Glass Super Hydrophilic Cleaner 200ml/set

4. Toiler Smell Remover - BioNinja

BioNinja BioNinja
The quantity of Bio-Ninja/PCS
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